domingo, 26 de marzo de 2017



Watch the video and complete the sentences below


  •  She has practised yoga for about ____________ years. 
  • She has noticed _________________, not only _______________ but also ______________________________________.    
  • The first change is that ________________________________.
  • Another benefit she has experienced is ____________________,
    and when you have this you are _____________________________. 
  • Breathing more deeply is important for:
o    _____________________________________________________
o    _____________________________________________________
  • Another amazing benefit is she _____________________________.
  • She says that after practicing yoga she can:
o    _____________________________________________________
o    _____________________________________________________
o    _____________________________________________________

  • To sum up, yoga has become _______________________________ and  something she ______________________________________. Eventually, she says she _______________________________!

*       Finally, give your opinion about this video and what yoga means for you (write 20 words)


   After watching the video, choose the three points you like most and then answer the following questions for each point:

  • Name the players, and search for their nationality.
  • Name the shot the player used to score the point.
  • What is the surface they are playing on?

o   Finally, give your opinion, explaining why you chose each point (write at least 20 words)